Wednesday, February 26, 2014

利用 DiskMaker X 輕鬆製作開機碟!

本篇教學,我們將教您如何如做Mac OS X的開機碟,如果你有好幾台Mac要升級或重灌的話,自行製作一個開機碟,就不需要每台電腦都獨立下載一次Mac OS X,可以省很多時間~
今天我們利用的軟體是DiskMaker X(前身為Lion DiskMaker),主要原因是10.8、10.9的Mac OS X如果要利用內建的磁碟工具程式來做開機碟的話,會麻煩很多,因此我們借助這個好用的小工具,不僅省麻煩,而且不管你要製作USB開機碟、SD卡開機碟都可以,相當方便!
在製作之前,當然要取得一份最新版的Mac OS X,我們以10.9作為範例,10.8、10.7雖然要付費下載,不過大致上過程和10.9一樣

1.) 下載 DiskMaker X
1.) 打開 DiskMaker X.dmg 之後 Drag the Lion head to the Applications folder that the arrow is pointing to.


2.) Open Finder, go to your Applications folder, and launch “DiskMaker X”

3.) You will get the window below defaulted to the “Mavericks (10.9)” option.

4.) After selecting “Mavericks (10.9),” you will get the next screen that will notify you of any installers it has found. It will be defaulted to “Use this copy” and we want to click on this.

5.) The next window will ask what kind of disk you’re using. In our case, we’re using an 8GB thumb drive, so we’ll select that option. If you’re using another type of drive, choose the other option.

6.) The next window will suggest where to put the installer. This will locate the 8GB flash drive you have in the machine. Click “Choose this disk”.

7.) You will get the following window to confirm you want to erase the selected disk. Click “Erase then create the disk”.

8.) The next step is to provide your administrator password for DiskMaker X so that it can make the disk image.

9.) After providing your Administrator password, it will start to make the bootable installer.

10.) Once DiskMaker X has finished making the bootable Mavericks USB drive, It will give you a window with instructions.
So if you’re stuck with a slow or non-existent Internet connection or simply would like to have a tangible install disk, DiskMaker X makes for a nice alternative to the App Store download.

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